Hoversurf’s Hoverbike crashed last week in Dubai.

The reason stated is as below.

“The barometer in Dubai refused and an accident occurred –  from a height of 30 meters. All safety systems worked well, and the pilot was not injured. Safety is our main concern. It is thanks to such incidents that our designs are becoming safer”.


However, we feel the future of the VTOL vehicles is quite promising and we are sure Hoversurf have analysed the problem and are working on it to solve.

About Hoversurf

Global Challenge. One of the biggest world problems today is over-saturation of urban transportation infrastructure. None of the many conventional solutions (e.g., public transportation, tunnel projects, utility sharing, etc.) can really solve the problem due to the ever-growing urban population. The only real solution is for humankind to move to the sky. 

Hoversurf is the only UAM company to approach this problem from a non-conventional angle. Their sharp focus is on leveraging existing urban transport infrastructure when developing UAM vehicles. This minimizes time-to-market for product commercialization.

Their eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles, cargo and single-seat hoverbike – successfully tested, FAA approved (AC 103-7) and reached more than 200 manned flight hours.

Source: Hoversurf

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