Designer JT Nesbitt drew inspiration from sculptor Alexander Calder for the exquisite flowing lines that define The Curtiss Motorcycles The One. One form of kinetic art informing another.⁠
Own a piece of Curtiss Motorcycles as a ground floor investor and be a part of motorcycle history as it’s made.

The electric art by Curtiss

The Curtiss Motorcycle The One, now in production. Order now for a 2021 delivery.⁠
The very first Curtiss EV design sketches ever.
Circa 2015. One of the earliest Curtiss architectural studies, using a vault-based platform later seen on the Zeus e-twin concept.
Circa 2016. A unique form and packaging study, the Y-block.
Circa 2017. A clean sketch of an alternate dual battery Y-block study, this time with an in-hub rear motor.
JT Nesbitt assembles the full modular immersion liquid-cooled battery pack that powers The One. Proprietary cutting edge technology exclusive to Curtiss. Best & Finest.
Source: Curtiss
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