It’s time for Bajaj Auto to gift Pulsar’s new edition to the Indian market. On 20 April, Bajaj launched the new Pulsar NS 125.

And now Bajaj has come up with a fantastic Dagger Edge Edition for the models, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, and the Pulsar 220F. 

No mechanical changes

These models did not experience any mechanical changes. There are changes seen limited to paint scheme and graphics. 


Considering the changes in the colour palette. Bajaj Pulsar 150 is available in two matte colour options as Saffire Blue and Pearl white. 

There is a red highlighting on the mudguard and rims of the Pearl White model. With a combination of red-black graphics across the body and the belly pan, the bikes look excellent. 

Saffire Blue model has white highlighting on the front mudguards and rims with graphics of black-white combination on the body and belly pan. 

150 Specs

With no mechanical changes. The bike comes equipped with the same four-stroke unit of 149.5 cc, producing 13.8 bhp at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. 

The Pulsar 180 edition does not have Saffire Blue as it has a variety of additional matte colours, Sparkle Black and Volcanic Red.

The Sparkle Black model has red highlights and graphics. On the other hand, the Volcanic Red colour model has white-black highlights and illustrations.  

Models of both colours have the exact specifications of 178.6cc motor, which delivers 16.8 bhp at 8500 rpm with a torque of 14.52 Nm at 6500 pm. 

Pulsar 220F has the same four colours as the other models discussed and the same graphics and highlights.

220 Specs 

The model has the same engine unit of 220 cc, which is known to produce a maximum of 20.1 bhp at 8500 rpm and 18.55 Nm at 7000 pm. 

The list for the prices of the Dagger Edge Edition is given below from ex-showroom, New Delhi:

Pulsar 150 : Rs 1,01,818,Pulsar 150 (Twin-Disc) : Rs 1,04,819Pulsar 180 : Rs 1,09,651 and Pulsar 220F : Rs 1,28,250




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