Simon Dabadie, CEO of Dab Motors is not only inspiring but creative personality.

While talking to LivingWithGravity last month he said how people were sceptic and negative when he had the plan to homologate their motorcycles.


The below lines from his interview describes the entire situation.

“Thanks to our small size, we have more freedom; we are more agile and more creative than big heavy organizations.

The weeks went by and in April 2019, the first prototype was ready. We went to Italy to certify it according to European Homologation, we did dozens of inspections and tests and we registered the very first Dab Motors production motorcycle.

It wasn’t an easy path, we met a lot of sceptical people trying to convince us that it was impossible to homologate such a motorcycle, but it’s not our style to be affected by this and we did it anyway”.

However now the interesting part arrives as Dab Motors has already proposed a case study on.

How they engineer their motorcycles?

Using SOLIDWORKS 3D design and visualization solutions, Dab Motors has reinvented the concept of the bespoke motorcycle, introducing the LM-S, a motorcycle with more than a million possible combinations of options that can be totally configured and ordered online.

Here is the entire case Dab Motors Case Study.
Also, below you can read the entire interview with Simon Dabadie.


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