Tesla may be considering a return to India in the coming months. According to reports, Tesla is working on an agreement to establish a presence in India and is willing to work on building a vendor base in the country. Initially, the focus will be on domestic assembly.


Tesla has expressed interest in expanding into the Indian market for several years. However, negotiations have been challenging due to various factors, including the company’s desire for tax breaks on imported electric vehicles (EVs), which India has been reluctant to grant.

In 2021, there were indications that Tesla was preparing to launch in India. 




The company underwent homologation for seven different models and received official certificates. Additionally, there were sightings of a Model Y being tested in the country.

While updates on Tesla’s Indian ventures have been limited since then, a recent report suggests that Tesla may have agreed to follow a similar “vendor base” plan as it did in China. The Indian government is reportedly willing to give time for Tesla to establish a domestic vendor base but expects the duty concessions on components to end eventually.


Indian officials have reportedly asked Tesla to submit a plan outlining its intentions within three to six months. According to the sources mentioned in the report, Tesla is already willing to move forward.

As Tesla formulates its plan, it must consider the local supply chain, available resources in India, and its current and future vendors and suppliers. Many details must be sorted out before Tesla’s return to the Indian market can become a reality.

It remains to be seen whether Tesla and the Indian government can agree. However, the fact that the two sides are reportedly close to an agreement is a positive sign for Tesla.

Here are some of the benefits Tesla could gain from entering the Indian market:

  • Access to a large and growing market: India is a large market for electric vehicles. The Indian government has set ambitious goals for electric vehicle adoption, and the country is expected to become a significant market for electric cars in the coming years.
  • Reduced costs: By establishing a vendor base and beginning domestic assembly in India, Tesla could reduce manufacturing costs. This would make Tesla’s cars more affordable for Indian consumers.
  • Increased brand awareness: Tesla’s entry into the Indian market would help to increase brand awareness for the company. This would help Tesla attract more customers in India and other markets worldwide.


The potential benefits of Tesla entering the Indian market are significant. If Tesla can agree with the Indian government, it would be a substantial victory for the company.

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