Husqvarna also to bring e-scooters by 2021

 Husqvarna also to bring e-scooters by 2021

Further to the electric motorcycle, Husqvarna is ready to set its footprint in the electric scooters.

Pierer Mobility AG is responsible for selling its e-bikes (bicycles with an electric motor), via the R Raymon, Gasgas and Husqvarna brands.

E- Pilen 2022

The information comes from the investor presentation, which says the electric bike by name ‘E- Pilen ‘is the plan to arrive in 2022.

What more the E-Pilen to be made at Bajaj’s Chakan plant based in Pune, India.

The ‘E-Pilen’ will come in two different variants with 4kW and 10kW output respectively. Sure thing the ‘E- Pilen ‘will be exported and we could also see it in International markets.

We also understand both these motorcycle giants are working on a shared electric platform which will get motorcycles from 3kW to 10kW using a 48V electric system.

E-Scooter 2021

The 4kW variant of the e-scooter will arrive in 2021. However, Pierer Mobility AG would also want to bring the e-scooters with 11kW motor.

Gas Gas

From 2021 the roadmap also talks about Gas Gas to provide its support. The idea is to bring 250-watt enduro cross bikes in 2021.

They will retail at € 2,000 and € 5,500.

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