Incredible Suzuki custom with harris magnum frame

 Incredible Suzuki custom with harris magnum frame

Located in Hertfordshire,  UK with over four decades of experience in building motorcycle performance components. Harris is one top shop. 

Two brothers Steve and Lester Harris with Stephen Bayford as a third director formed the company.

Harris, as we know, is the world-renowned company and the most famous among its components are Harris motorcycle frames.

Made with high-end tubular sheets.No matter what shape the engines are they enclose the entire engines. 

However, this unique custom gets an aluminium tank and gets a curve shape under the lower part.

Advantage. Well, there is space left for the air filters and carburettors, and they come well stacked in.

On the other hand, the rear swingarm is an eye-catcher and most important noticeable.

The headlight comes from Benelli TNT. However, the heart comes from tough Suzuki, which is the engine.

Further, the displacement comes to 1240cc, which makes it more reliable and robust naked.

Pictures by Timo Le Mans

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