The US-based IC Helmets solves a particular problem statement.

Problem Statement

A rider’s view comes restricted to roughly a 120 degree Field of view. As a result, they face multiple blind spots which may contribute to the numerous motorcycle traumas the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s collected in 2015.


Now this problem statement is not only in the USA, but it’s worldwide the vision of riders is restricted.

So what ICHelmets offers?

It provides the rearview camera which is responsible for blind spot elimination.

So these cameras are located at the rear and front of the helmet.

Two cameras are at the back and one at front.

Plus there are ultrasonic distance sensors located at the rear of the camera.

To display more information or warnings to the rider. Whenever there is a blind spot, the rider receives the signal in the optics.

If the object is very close, the rider will get a signal in the form of acoustic.

Besides, the LED located at the rear will light up as a warning. The front camera is responsible for the records of the sessions.

The mic controls the entire mechanism. Plus there are other characteristics like the GPS, tinted visor, emergency automated call.

However, we don’t see any information about the batteries.

The helmet comes made with the help of Kevlar and carbon and gets a certificate from DOT, ECE 22.05 and SNELL. They are available in sizes 2XL and 3XS and available in colours like red, white and matte black.

The prices start from $ 599 to $ 1350, and it will depend upon the characteristics.

To raise funds, ICH has started the crowdfunding campaign.

While the competition is hot, however, we will see how the helmet comes up.

But then the ICH helmet looks cool and all full of tech.





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