The Kawasaki Z900RS series pays tribute to the iconic Kawasaki 900 Super 4 (Z1) motorcycle, which was introduced in 1972. The Z1 was a groundbreaking model that significantly impacted the motorcycle industry at the time.


The Kawasaki 900 Super 4 (Z1) was known for its powerful performance, innovative engineering, and distinctive design. It featured a four-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 903cc, which was quite large for its time. The Z1 was capable of producing around 82 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles of its era.

With its impressive performance and sleek styling, the Z1 quickly gained popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. It was renowned for its smooth acceleration, high top speed, and comfortable riding experience. The Z1 symbolised the “superbike” era and set a new standard for high-performance motorcycles.



Building on the success of the Z1, Kawasaki has periodically released modern interpretations and reimaginations of this iconic model. The Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe, introduced recently, are part of this lineage. These motorcycles combine the classic design elements of the original Z1 with modern technology and engineering advancements.

2024 Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe models in Indonesia

Kawasaki has announced the 2024 Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe models in Indonesia. While the Cafe model seems to be a continuous release with no colour changes from the previous year, the standard model has introduced a new colour called “Yellow Ball.”

KAWASAKI Z900RS "Yellow Ball" [2024 Indonesia model]

2024 Z900RS  – Indonesia Model

The Yellow Ball colour option pays tribute to the early model of the 900 Super 4 (Z1) available in Europe. It features a bright yellow shade based on candy green, resembling the yellow ball colour from the past. This new colour sets it apart from the Z900RS SE, equipped with Ohlins suspension.

In terms of design, Kawasaki has made a few changes to the standard model. It now includes a plated grab bar, a KAWASAKI fuel tank logo in capital letters, a side cover logo that reads “900,” and a DOHC logo on the generator cover. While there are some equipment changes, it’s unclear whether this was developed as a special specification or if it will become a standard feature.

Here are some additional details about the 2024 Z900RS Yellow Ball:

  • The colour scheme is based on the early model of the 900 Super 4 (Z1) in Europe.
  • The bright yellow is arranged based on candy green.
  • The plated grab bar, KAWASAKI (capital letters) fuel tank logo, side cover logo written “900”, and DOHC logo on the generator cover have been added from the previous year’s model.

The Z900RS series has experienced great success in Japan from 2018 to 2022, becoming increasingly popular. If Kawasaki were to release the Yellow Ball edition in Japan, it would likely garner significant attention and popularity. Japan fans eagerly await more information about the next model from Kawasaki.

KAWASAKI Z900RS "Yellow Ball" [2024 Indonesia model]

2024 Z900RS  – Side Angle 2

2024 models of the Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe are very similar, but there are a few key differences.

  • The Z900RS Cafe has a front cowl and a lower handlebar, giving it a more cafe racer-style appearance. The Z900RS, on the other hand, has a more naked look.
  • The Z900RS Cafe is only available in one color, Ebony, while the Z900RS is available in a variety of colors, including the new Yellow Ball color scheme.
  • The Z900RS Cafe has a slightly different seat than the Z900RS. The Cafe’s seat is more tapered at the front, giving the rider a more forward-leaning position.

Other than these differences, the two bikes are essentially the same. They both have the same 948cc inline-four engine, the same suspension, and the same brakes.

Here are some potential pros and cons of the Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe:


  • Classic Design: The Z900RS series pays homage to the iconic Kawasaki 900 Super 4 (Z1) model, featuring a retro-inspired design that captures the essence of the original while incorporating modern elements.
  • Performance: Both models are powered by a potent inline-four engine, delivering strong performance and a thrilling riding experience. The Z900RS series is known for its responsive acceleration and impressive power delivery.
  • Handling: These motorcycles offer agile and responsive handling, making them suitable for urban riding and longer journeys. The chassis and suspension systems are designed to provide a balanced and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Comfort: The Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe prioritize rider comfort with a well-padded seat, ergonomic riding position, and adjustable suspension. These features make them suitable for extended rides without causing significant fatigue.
  • Modern Technology: While embracing a classic design, the Z900RS series also incorporates modern technology such as LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, advanced rider aids like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and traction control.

KAWASAKI Z900RS "Yellow Ball" [2024 Indonesia model]

2024 Z900RS  – Side Angle 3 


  • Limited Color Options: While the Z900RS Cafe remains unchanged in colour options, the standard Z900RS introduces a new colour called “Yellow Ball.” Some potential buyers may prefer a broader range of colour choices.
  • Price: The Z900RS series may be priced higher than other motorcycles in its category, making it less accessible to budget-conscious riders.
  • Weight: These bikes have a relatively high curb weight, which may make manoeuvring in tight spaces or during low-speed manoeuvres a bit more challenging for some riders.
  • Passenger Comfort: The rear seat of the Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe is relatively small, which may limit the comfort of a passenger on longer rides.
  • Availability: While the models have been announced for Indonesia, it’s unclear when they will be available in other markets, such as Japan. This lack of clarity may cause frustration for potential buyers eagerly awaiting their release.

KAWASAKI Z900RS CAFE [2024 Indonesia model]

2024 Z900RS Cafe – Side Angle 1 


The Kawasaki Z900RS series is a modern homage to the legendary Kawasaki 900 Super 4 (Z1) motorcycle that made waves in the motorcycle industry in 1972. The Z1 was renowned for its powerful performance, innovative engineering, and iconic design.

Classic Design

The Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe models of the Z900RS series continue the legacy of the Z1 by combining classic design elements with modern technology and improved performance. These motorcycles offer riders a balance of retro aesthetics, comfortable ergonomics, and thrilling riding experiences.

KAWASAKI Z900RS CAFE [2024 Indonesia model]

2024 Z900RS Cafe – Side Angle 2

While the Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe may have pros and cons, such as limited colour options and higher pricing, they remain popular among enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of nostalgia and modern features.


The Kawasaki Z900RS series serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Z1 and showcases Kawasaki’s commitment to honouring its rich history while pushing the boundaries of performance and design. Whether it’s capturing the attention of riders in Japan or enthusiasts worldwide, the Z900RS series continues to leave its mark on the motorcycle landscape.

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