In December 2019, we were talking about Honda discontinues the two rally models. They are CRF250L and CRF250Rally.

However, there is a successor model in place, and now we have more details about the successor models from dealers in Japan.

CRF250L and CRF250RALLY discontinued

  • CRF250L and CRF250RALLY discontinued
  • Temporary production discontinued due to changes in lighting standards
  • End of production is May 2020
  • There is a significant announcement about the successor model

Although production stops, there is a successor model

Therefore, Honda stops production for CRF250L and CRF250RALLY after CRF250M.


However, there is a successor model in place as per Honda.

Since it is temporarily out of production, there is a time when they are going to disappear from the lineup.

If not, the end of production, a new model may arrive without the announcement.

Successor model, how will it be?

In January 2020, we heard about Honda testing the successor model of CRF250L and CRF250RALLY.

However, there are too many models to be announced by HONDA in 2020, which is a bit confusing.

Now we hear more on the successor model wherein we get information on the CRF250L system and the person that it won’t come out soon. 

While the other person says, we are making a new model. The engine is the same as that of the Rebel engine but with only a slipper clutch and gear positive.

 We have also heard that the Rebel will be a continuous model change. Also Honda will be strengthening their underbody and making them lighter so that they have more power. 

An announcement? Something like that. I don’t know what the engine will be like, but I don’t think it’s gear-positive. Either way, it looks like they won’t be out for a while.

However, the staff at LivingWithGravity feel the same. The Rebel 250 is an ideal platform for the Rally 250 successor models.

Why because Honda has already launched the New 2020 Rebel 250.


Here are the engine specs of the new Rebel 250.

  • Engine: DOHC water-cooled single-cylinder 4-valve
  • Displacement: 249cc
  • Bore x stroke: 76.0mm x 55.0mm
  • Compression ratio: 10.7: 1
  • Gear: 6th speed
  • Horsepower: 19kw (26PS) / 9,500rpm
  • Torque: 22Nm / 7,750rpm

If Honda needs to increase the power or torque, they may very well have to work on the engine to get it tweaked. We will also like to hear from you whether you feel the same?

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