In Japan, you can now order various 2020 Honda models.

The advance order date is until February 14, 2020.

1.CBR250RR: Since last year, we have been continuously talking on Honda’s new bike, CBR250RR.


In September last year, we mentioned about the oil pan patent.

The objective of this patent is to reduce engine heat. 

The oil pan structure of the internal combustion engine according to the present invention is an oil pan structure of the internal combustion engine in which the interior of the oil pan (37) is partition into a plurality of chambers (38, 39) by partition walls (80).

2.Hunter CUB City 125Honda Hunter CUB CT125 is a super bubbly mix of a scooter and bike. CT125 is one of the bikes that are from the CT series started by Honda in 1964.

Let’s see the specs and date of arrival of the new CT125 that is to arrive soon.


  • The pipe runs from the air cleaner to the back of the rear carrier
  • The step is a guy with an off-system rubber (retractable)
  • A type that can push up a change pedal (same as YBR125)
  • Engine guard
  • Vietnam career
  • Probably a global model with a reflector
  • Large capacity tank

3.Monkey 125: The CT125 and Monkey 125 share the same platform and same front channel ABS. 

That costs around 440,000 yen.CT125 has excellent suspension, and no smart key that meant somewhere around 440,000 yen is an excellent price in Japan.

4.Super Cub CT 125 

5.Super Cub: Honda brings some new paint schemes in especially for Thailand.

Also, a unique color called Super Cub Black Edition arrives in Thailand. It is black/white. Black/red flashy. There is the Kumamon Edition cross cub that sells in Japan. 

By the way, in Thailand, there is also Kumamon edition SCOOPY (air-cooled 110esp).

6.PCX: This patent filed in January 2018. It is a detachable seat cushion and provides a vehicle seat structure for support for cushioning and sliding. Between the cushion and the bottom plate.

Although there are several patents and this seems to be the latest patent as the frame as changed.

By the way, advance order meant the dealer has to place an order with the manufacturer.

Source : Honda Dream Twitter

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