CarbonieMetalli brings the concept bike inspired by Apollo’s Lunar Missions


CarbonieMetalli brings the concept bike inspired by Apollo’s Lunar Missions

Space and Time

Space and Time are two entities that have always acted mysteriously since the birth of humanity.

While few have made he large hadron collider to accelerate particles, others get there motivation from Lunar Missions.

One such radical startup Carboni e Metalli based in Italy, is here to change the perception of how motorcycles are building.

Their motivation comes from the success of 1969 Apollo Lunar Missions to Moon, which is one of the most exceptional achievements for humanity.

The bike uses the base model as old KTM 250GTS on which stands the entire structure.

We do a combination of future and excellent taste in the motorcycle as the Carboni team has used a futuristic approach with vintage style.

Lunar Project Concept Bike Components

The Lunar Project concept bike gets 2 stroke engine and carbon fiber components like Carbon Fiber Subframe.

Oh well, and not to forget the world’s first Carbon Fiber and 3D printed Titanium Rear Swingarm. It also gets the 3D printed Alminum Front Fork Mounts.

We don’t know the exact weight of the bike, but we do assume that by using the carbon fiber components like the swingarm and subframe, the bike weighs less than expected.


At the 2019 Wildays in Italy, the concept won the “BEST OF SHOW” award for the best motorcycle.

Let’s see what Team Carboni has to say. 

“This project is a statement; we wanted to show that even a maturea product such a Motorcycle can be innovation by applying Space-related technologies.

And design freedom” concludes the duo “the technologicalreturn from the Apollo program was huge, and we felt the urge to do our part of celebrating the greatest conquer in the history of humanity. 

Now that we stand at the dawn of a new era of space explorations. Winning the Best of Show Award came unexpected and motivated us to the next steps”.

Source : CarbonieMetalli

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