Concept Teased in Jan 2019, the Harley electric concept. Out of two, one of the ideas was the electric Scooter concept.

The objective of these lightweight electric ideas is for an urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the aim of no bike permit required to work.

 It may get both component removable, single-hand-convey battery packs, and a style grounded in H-D plan theories.


These ideas consider the everyday practice and are rad. They reconsider the urban drive and make rough terrain encounters open – opening the city simultaneously.

Specs or features are yet public anywhere, and we might have to wait. However, what we could think by looking at this concept is as below.

Scooter Concept

  • That the Scooter concept motorcycle could be belt-driven with a mid-drive electric motor,
  • Ample battery space that could fit 30 – 40 ah Lithium easily,
  • Fat tires, LED back and front light with the halo effect.
  • The frame is probably aluminum, and it comes with attractive two-tone colors: Blue outside frame color and orange inside frame color. The front fork is hydraulic with disc brakes and a regular rotor.
  • The seat looks long and narrow, supported by the rear frame.
  • Overall the posture looks excellent when a rider sits on the bike
  • From the concept pictures, they seem to be high-quality components

We now see a patent from Harley for this new electric scooter, and the design looks intuitive with a belt-driven technique.

The concept definitely looks like a Scrambler mixed up with the Scooter concept.

However, the critical point to note is how it will fare against the other electric scooters that are present in the market as there are many scooters and competitors in the market.

These are probable competitors for Harley Scooter Concept. However, we still wait for the specs to arrive.

Yamaha has there E01 and E02 electric scooters, plus these scooters are stylish and sleek.

Zapp i300 could be another competitor and several others like Arthur from Fonzarelli.

Harley has published this patent in Dec 2019, and the design expiry date is March 2024. Well, that does mean Harley will have to bring the commercial model before 2014.

Source : EUIPO

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