Game Over Cycles was famous last time when they made a Tattoo clad custom motorcycle.

Tattoos on Motorcycles. That is not something that we thought of, but Gamer Over Cycles based in Poland had already put tattoos on a motorcycle and had made a different style altogether in the custom segment.

Called as “The Recidivist,” it has won many international awards and trophies for Game Over Cycles. 


The entire bike is a wrap in the skin of tattoos. So any component that you see, whether it is seat, tank, fender, or lamp, is covered with the tattoos. The bike costs 1,000,000 USD.

Not only this motorcycle made took the brand Game Over Cycles to the next level but also created the USP.

Yamaha Niken Custom

Now to have something different with altogether different styles and tastes, they had built a custom Yamana Niken Custom. 

We are sure that to date, no one has touched Niken on this large scale when it comes to making it look dark and wild.

Niken is one of the brilliant prospects in the Yamaha portfolio since it was launched in May 2018 and made global debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

What changes?

The Game Over Cycles removed all the plastic components, and in place, they had put all the aluminum. The entire kit comes from scratch. 

Now that made the design look intense, dark, and wild. The lines now are sharper.

It took two months of effort to build this bike. The bike unveiled in the German Custombike 2019 event received an excellent response.

For this bike, the Game Over Customs also bagged a “Craziest Bike” Award.

Source: Game Over Motorcycles

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