Cygnus X, there have been rumors about water cooling in the past, but this time it seems to be correct.

A spy shot of the new Cygnus X is present

A person caught this in Taiwan. Thank you- a photo of the Cygnus X test vehicle taken in Taiwan on the street.

It looks like the current Cygnus X. 


The new Cygnus X is water-cooled!

Here Spy Shots Here Current Tail Lamp. It’s the same. Although it looks the same in terms of the body, this is the current Cygnus X.

The fan is different from Spy Shot. Current Cygnus X is air-cooled and has a fan, but the above Spy Shot is a radiator.

Here is the current NMAX. The shape of the radiator cover is similar to NMAX. 

Probably on the same engine. Exhaust has a different cover, but the size and contents are similar. 

The shape of the swingarm is somewhat similar to NMAX, but it is unlikely to be the same. We think the exterior of the spy shot is just a pattern. 

It is a significant model change to change the engine, so it is inevitable to change the exterior.

In that sense, the Cygnus X in the above spy shot is a water-cooled engine.

It is a test vehicle license plate, and probably the next Cygnus X. There are Majesty S and NMAX systems in Taiwan.

As you can see, the Majesty S is not very similar to the spy shot Cygnus X around the engine. 

Then there is no 125cc model. Only 155.

Regarding NMAX engines, the ones coming to Japan are Tricity manufactured in Thailand and NMAX manufactured in Indonesia.

Tricity 155 already sold in Taiwan, so it’s not strange if the new Cygnus X engine becomes an NMAX engine. 

Since Cygnus X is 125cc, we don’t think it is a Majesty S system with the only 155cc. We also don’t think there is a (complete) new engine. 

We see that the decision with the NMAX system is the water-cooled engine.

The main changes are the engine and exterior.

For the Japan model, there is a change with the engine and exterior. The ABS model is expected.

We think the frame is probably the current base, although the swing arm has changed since it is a unit swing.

At the time of the current model, there were rumors of water cool engine, but this time, it seems that it is legit.

Although we love Cygnus X, the mileage is a bit poor. Cygnus will compete with NMAX and plan to arrive in Japan soon.

Source: Blue Arsenal-Posted

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