Harley teases new two concepts under there LiveWire project ,The new LiveWire is just the start. “The below two new ideas are evidence of positive outcome of our More Roads vision and our pledge to a full lineup of electric bikes intended to build up the organization as the pioneer in jolt of versatility throughout the following quite a long while and motivate new riders with better approaches to ride”. Says Harley.

Ace from Ariel is real deal

These lightweight electric ideas are intended for a urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the objective of no bike permit required to work. Both component removable, single-hand-convey battery packs and a style grounded in H-D plan theories.


These ideas are worked considering the everyday practice and the rad. They reconsider the urban drive and make rough terrain encounters open – opening the city simultaneously.

Custom made BMW R50/5 by Emporio is real looker

Specs or features are not mentioned anywhere and we might have to wait.However for what we could think by looking at these concepts are as below.

Scrambler concept

  • That the Scrambler concept  motorcycle could be belt driven with a mid-drive electric motor,
    big battery space that could fit 30 – 40 ah Lithium easily,
  • Fat tires, LED back and front light with the halo effect.
  • The frame is probably aluminum and it is made with interesting two-tone colors: Blue outside frame color and orange inside frame color. The front fork is hydraulic with disc brakes and a regular mtb rotor.
  • Seat looks long and narrow supported by rear frame.
  • Overall the posture looks great when a rider sits on the bike
  • From the concept pictures they seem to be made of high quality components

Dirt Bike Concept

  • Should be having mid-drive motor connected to the rear wheel with belt drive.
  • The battery capacity that would fit the frame would be something like 48v-60v 20 ah or less.
  • Dirt bike concept looks like a race bicycle having huge thin tires weighing less than 50 kgs.

Note : “Concept shown. Production model features may vary. Not yet available for sale. All future models shown may not be available in all markets”


Source : Harley Davidson

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