Innovation. Passion. Daring. Since their first motorcycle in 1901 Ariel have been synonymous with breaking the rules. Minerva, Square 4, Red Hunter, Arrow; all revolutionary in their way. Unconventional and brilliant. And now, over a century later, the Ariel Ace. Following that Ariel tradition but looking firmly at today and into the future.

NCCR builds Ice Racer


Retro isn’t a word in the Ariel dictionary. And Ariel understand the passion, your passion, for motorcycles. Why? Because they’re motorcyclists too. Through and through. They ride, they compete, they love and they cherish. So they understand that a motorcycle is more than transport, more than speed and handling. It’s an emotion. Inside you. And if you’re not a motorcyclist you won’t get it. But if you are, you’ll understand the Ace.


At the core of each Ace – that aluminum edge outline. Conspicuously Ariel, astoundingly shrewd. Processed from strong billet; 70 hours of machining time; welded by hand; hard anodized; to frame a bit of designing that is a basic artful culmination yet additionally a gem. The magnificence in a bit of machining, the idea, the consideration and the exactness that has gone into each and every component. What’s more, once more, since you cherish cruisers, you’ll get it.

New side cowl from Honda

Ariel control? Honda, obviously. Used to boundaries in the Ariel Atom and now the Nomad. Demonstrated on two wheels a great many occasions, from driving to hustling, from visiting to your most loved stretch of street. Trustworthy, dependable, correct power. V4, 1237cc, 173bhp. Enough to impel you to 165mph in case you’re in the state of mind or journey along in case you’re in another. The Ace is intended to fit you and what you need to do; not the other route round.

ABS, switchable footing control and shaft drive as standard. Double Clutch Transmission as choice. Pick the manual gearbox and move yourself or pick the DCT and press a catch, or simply put it on Auto and let it do it for you. Honda building, Ariel tuning, quality second to none. In addition a fumes take note of that will make you smile each time you begin the bicycle.

Smart helmet from Shoei and NS West

At that point begin specking. Four unique seats, three distinct tanks, two front finishes. Customizable stools, distinctive handlebars, dampers, wheels, body parts, debilitates, fairings, even unique head points. All to make your Ace precisely the manner in which you need it, to suit precisely what you need from a motorbike. Low riding cruiser, road, bare, visiting or absolute game. Cautiously indicated to make it your Ace. What’s more, there’ll never be one the equivalent.

Exceptional tender loving care and a bespoke form framework never observed on a creation bike. Each Ace, customized and independently worked by one expert from beginning to end. For you. A specialist who’ll possibly put his name on your Ace when he’s glad. Since until he’s prepared it’s his Ace as well, his obligation and his infant. Since he wants to think about it, since he shares the enthusiasm and in light of the fact that he won’t make due with second best.

TCX unveils new boots.

Advancement, execution, taking care of, craftsmanship, quality and independence. This is the Ace. In any case, most importantly – Passion. Since at Ariel we see as well.


76 degree 1237cc Unicam Honda V4

Bore 81mm x 60mm. Throttle by wire


173 BHP @ 10,000 rpm

Torque 131Nm @ 8750 rpm


6 speed manual sequential. Switchable traction control

  • FUEL

12 litres


Stainless steel exhaust


Anodised machined and welded aluminium frame


Front Showa 43mm adjustable cartridge type telescopic forks

Rear Pro link single sided swing arm. Showa adjustable damper.


Front Twin 320mm floating discs with 6 piston radial calipers

Rear Single 276mm floating disc with 2 piston sliding caliper

Electronic ABS front and rear


Front 17×3.5. Rear 17×6.


Front 120/70ZR17. Rear 190/50ZR17


Digital LCD display with gear indicator, datalogging capability


LED headlamp, LED brake/stop lamp, LED indicators




Seat height 745mm

Wheelbase 1541mm


0 -60 mph 3.1 seconds (0-100kph)

Top speed 165mph (265kp

Price : £19,982
Availability with dealers : March 2019

Source: Ariel

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