Honda Brazil unveils there new CBR650R.

It gets the new Metallic Grey paint scheme. Rest, everything remains as is. The paint schemes also depend upon the country in which this model arrives.

So if you compare the present model with 2019.


What changes?

Rim Stripe: There is no Rim stripe on the current 2020 model that was present in the 2019 model.

Engine: Engine color of the present 2020 model is black as compared to bronze in the 2019 model.

Decal: No change

Honda also unveiled 2020 CB650R with CBR650R.

Paint schemes are Red, Silver Metallic, and Perlizado blue.

Again nothing changes when you compare with it’s an earlier model.

What changes?

The only change we see is Honda making the engine color bronze to black.

The red of 2019 and 2020 look different in color, but it’s a mystery because the picture is entirely different. 

The silver color in 2019 was matte silver, but the 2020 color in Brazil is non-matte silver. 

Well, it is a mystery that the color of the Japanese model will be the same as that of Brazil, but recently, we feel that Honda’s color difference depending on the destination has become less or less.

We also think the 2020 color will arrive soon in Europe.

By the way, Japan tends to have a color lineup that is similar to Europe. It may happen, but not always.

We said mat jeans blue metallic in 2019 but did not enter Japan. As I said, maybe the engine will be black.

Source : Honda Brazil

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