A day before Christmas, Kawasaki published its much-acclaimed exhaust note of ZX-25R.

Exhaust note does scream like a standard inline 4 livery. However, we also observed that the sound of this exhaust note is a bit compressed.

We think it is because it must align with the lower displacement engine and the entire package.


Now, this is the eighth teaser in row, although the ZX-25R is bound to arrive in the fall of 2020.


Kawasaki immediately started teasing the various components of ZX-25R after we saw it in the recent Tokyo Motor Show.

We expect ZX-25R is a trendsetter when it comes to the 250cc sports segment.

It comes with an inline 4 engine. The ZX-25 R also gets a tubular steel frame and gets much power in the middle. 

The design takes cues from elder siblings with exhausts that get an opening near the right pillion footrest.

That is now capable of producing 40PS upward. We also see Honda trying to match these figures in its upcoming CBR250RR scheduled to launch in 2020.

That again is rumored to have an inline 4 engine and capable of going beyond 40PS.

Happy Consumer

What makes it beneficial for customers is the fact that Japanese manufacturers are trying to bring all the goodies from higher displacement sports bike to lower displacement sports bikes.

Making it easy for a consumer to enjoy the goodies that we usually see in higher displacement bikes and most important is the cost factor that is coming down.

Mostly the speed game is already started. There are still other manufacturers whom we may see entering this arena.

But his sounds interesting.


Looking towards the timeline of ZX-25R, we received an update from our Japanese correspondent.

Who has been to Kawasaki Good Times World, Japan, to find out more about the launch timelines of ZX-25R? And there are still minor issues in the ZX-25R engine that Kawasaki is working on.

Kawasaki hopes to resolve these issues soon, and we expect there is no change in the timeline of launch.

On the other hand, we also heard about the naked version of ZX-25R. That is going to be a Mini Z-H2 series.

If this the case, we see Kawasaki well ahead in the game.

Source : Hinata Asahi our Japanese correspondent who relishes “Sushi”.

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