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Why Ducati and Kawaski are two hot game-changers?

No, don’t get deceived by the cover picture. Our intention is to cover the two great brands as a whole. One is Italian marquee, and the other brand comes from the land of sushi. Ducati All the four founders Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons, Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Cavalieri Ducati would have been […]Read More

Kawasaki brings both the variants of ZX-25R on Sentul International

During the present year, Kawasaki ZX-25R has garnered a lot of attention. So much so that now we get to see multiple aftermarket components for ZX-25R.  And there is no doubt that these aftermarket components are competing with each other. Let’s look at the timeline of the videos released by various aftermarket manufacturers. Akrapovic has […]Read More

Custom sniper parts for Kawasaki’s ZX-25R

Stacked with four cylinders, the wonder kid from Kawasaki is in the limelight since its inception. And why not after all it is a crucial model in Kawasaki’s line of vision. Yes, you are right. We are talking about ZX-25R. The mini giant from Kawa. Recently Kawasaki has released an official video of custom sniper […]Read More


Kawasaki to unveil the ZX-25R in Indonesia on 4th April

The official video of Kawasaki Bike Week has been released. Oh, this is the time now. An official announcement is on April 4 in Indonesia.  Also, specs and prices will be announced on this day. Overseas has been launched along with this launch event, so is it right to see it on April 4?  There […]Read More

When will Kawasaki ZX-25R arrive in India?

Since we saw the little Kawasaki ZX-25R at EICMA 2019. Kawasaki has branded the small package very well.  Last we saw the ZX-25R with Kawasaki WorldSBK team Rea and Lowes at Jerez in January 2020 for a promotional video. But before it, we also saw Kawasaki unveiling the official photos in Indonesia. That gave us a hint on […]Read More

Kawasaki Indonesia unveils official photos of ZX-25R

Last when we heard about Kawasaki ZX-25R is a few days ago when Kawasaki was trying to fix minor issues with ZX-25R engine. Plus, there are substantial rumors about the naked ZX-25R. That is going to be a Mini Z-H2 series. Well, this again is a reasonable proposition from Kawasaki, and yet time will tell. The […]Read More

Do we see naked Kawasaki ZX-25R?

Teasers  A day before Christmas, Kawasaki published its much-acclaimed exhaust note of ZX-25R. Exhaust note does scream like a standard inline 4 livery. However, we also observed that the sound of this exhaust note is a bit compressed. We think it is because it must align with the lower displacement engine and the entire package. Now, […]Read More

Kawasaki unveils the eighth teaser of ZX-25R that has an

We were talking about the exhaust note of Kawasaki ZX-25 in our last post.  In the earlier teasers, we did take a look at several important components like caliper and brakes, intake ram-air, details on the engine, forks, and speedo. The exhaust note is now released by Kawasaki in this video. Exhaust Note Kawasaki did schedule this […]Read More

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