Kawasaki Indonesia unveils official photos of ZX-25R

 Kawasaki Indonesia unveils official photos of ZX-25R

Last when we heard about Kawasaki ZX-25R is a few days ago when Kawasaki was trying to fix minor issues with ZX-25R engine.

Plus, there are substantial rumors about the naked ZX-25R. That is going to be a Mini Z-H2 series. Well, this again is a reasonable proposition from Kawasaki, and yet time will tell.

The motorcycle community may like to see the naked ZX-25R that is mostly a stripped version of naked Z H2. 

And who knows Kawasaki may want to stack supercharger in it as they brought inline-four in 250cc segment. The plan may sound surreal but not impossible to achieve.


Kawasaki Indonesia

But on the current note, Kawasaki Indonesia has released the official photos of ZX-25R on their Twitter handle.

So, the vehicle released by Kawasaki Indonesia is probably a pre-production model produced (assembled) at a factory in Indonesia.

Kawasaki World’s ZX-25R will be on display until spring, and in Indonesia, it will be spring, or it may arrive in April 2020. 

So do we also mass-production models at the same time? It arrives soon, so we think it would be good to see the release date in Indonesia in spring or April.

In Japan, we will see it in September 2020. So Japan will have to wait another six months.

ZX-25R vs. Ninja 250SL

Here is the Ninja250SL from the official photo above, flipped left and right, and layered on the ZX-25R.

The ZX-25R is slightly tilted inward, but the size is surprisingly small.

Due to its sheer compact size, the ZX-25R doest look like it has inline-four stacked in it.

  • Ninja250S L: 1,935mm
  • Ninja250: 1,990mm

For the other parts of the world, the date has still not announced yet.

We may see the first ZX-25R in Indonesia than in Japan.


Price is an essential factor, and it may stay a little over 900,000 in Japan.

Source :  Kawasaki Indonesia

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