2020 Honda CT125

Honda Hunter CUB CT125 is a super bubbly mix of a scooter and bike. CT125 is one of the bikes from the CT series started by Honda in 1964.

Let’s see the specs and date of arrival of the new CT125 that is to arrive soon. The paint job looks fabulous.


  • The pipe runs from the air cleaner to the back of the rear carrier.
  • The step is a guy with an off-system rubber (retractable)
  • A type that can push up a change pedal (same as YBR125)
  • Engine guard
  • Vietnam career
  • Probably a global model with a reflector
  • Large capacity tank


  • Normal type with front suspension unlike turnip system
  • The rear suspension is quite long.
  • Off system tire
  • Discs on Front and rear
  • Front and rear 1POT calliper
  • Front 1-channel ABS
  • No chain cover
  • Front: 2.75-17
  • Rear: 3.00-17

Electrical system

  • All LED
  • Is the Meter shared with Monkey 125?
  • Are the headlights similar to the headlights of Monkey 125?
  • Ordinary key. Not a smart key


  • Same engine as C125
  • Up muffler
  • The position of the air cleaners is high.


The CT125 and Monkey 125 share the same platform and same front channel ABS. That costs around 440,000 yen.


CT125 has excellent suspension, and no smart key that meant somewhere around 440,000 yen is an excellent price in Japan.

Arrival Date

  • Advance order period: February 2020
  • Official announcement: March 2020
  • Release date: June 2020

After Japan should we see the CT125 in other parts of the worlds? Well ideally speaking Honda should have a plan to export this new CT125.




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