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Kawasaki to unveil the ZX-25R in Indonesia on 4th April

The official video of Kawasaki Bike Week has been released. Oh, this is the time now. An official announcement is on April 4 in Indonesia.  Also, specs and prices will be announced on this day. Overseas has been launched along with this launch event, so is it right to see it on April 4?  There […]Read More

Custom made Predator style helmets from Indonesia

These custom made predator style special handmade helmets that come from Indonesia are build professionally. When you come across these helmets all, we could think of the 1987 Predator science fiction movie that starred Arnie.As a military guy who, along with the team, is on a mission to save hostages in the guerrilla-held territory in Central America.  […]Read More

Kawasaki Indonesia unveils official photos of ZX-25R

Last when we heard about Kawasaki ZX-25R is a few days ago when Kawasaki was trying to fix minor issues with ZX-25R engine. Plus, there are substantial rumors about the naked ZX-25R. That is going to be a Mini Z-H2 series. Well, this again is a reasonable proposition from Kawasaki, and yet time will tell. The […]Read More

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