In a recent announcement, Indonesia’s government has set forth a bold plan. To become the world’s largest economy to power itself entirely from renewable energy sources.

It means that while most countries in the world are still debating or arguing the necessity. And the effectiveness of adopting electric-powered vehicles, Indonesia is already taking steps to make it happen.

The Indonesian government aims for a complete switch to electric vehicles by 2050. And is working towards it by imposing mandates that require companies to reduce gas-powered vehicle sales favouring more ‘green’ alternatives.


The Indonesian government has officially announced that starting in 2040. Will sell only electric motorcycles and car in the country. This means that only electric vehicles can be sold starting in 2050.

The plan

A new plan is in the works to accelerate the electrification of two and four-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia.

Indonesia has an ambitious plan to produce 600,000 electric cars. And nearly 2.5 million electric motorcycles and scooters.

By the year 2050, Indonesia will become a carbon-free transportation system. And thus needs to see 90 per cent of vehicles designed for public transportation run on electricity.

The government is also working to overhaul its power generation infrastructure. To achieve energy sustainability by the same year.

Hopefully, these ambitious plans will see Indonesia become a global leader in electric vehicle production. And serve as an example for others to follow suit.

via Reuters


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