During the present year, Kawasaki ZX-25R has garnered a lot of attention. So much so that now we get to see multiple aftermarket components for ZX-25R. 

And there is no doubt that these aftermarket components are competing with each other.

Let’s look at the timeline of the videos released by various aftermarket manufacturers.

  • Akrapovic has released the exhaust for ZX-25R and you will be able to see the details over here. The details also talk about the catalogue specifications.
  • A-TECH Components and again we could see in the video how they are put on the ZX-25R.
  • Yoshimura has released two videos till date the second video was on May 30 that shows how Yoshimura exhaust is fitted to ZX-25R by replacing the stock exhaust. In the first video, the exhaust sound was not clear.
  • In the last week of April Sniper released a video to show their components for ZX-25R.

Going back to the two variants that ZX-25R has.

Standard Model

Kawasaki has now released another video that shows ZX-25R on the Sentul International Race Track in Indonesia.

We could see the ZX-25R going at the speed of 169 km/h in 6th gear.

Also probably in the 5th gear speed is 166km/h. And it does look like the rotation speed is about 17,000 rpm. 

What is the top speed of ZX-25R is something that remains a question while there are videos that claim it goes till 183 km/h. However, we will need to see.

Custom Edition

Well, let’s not forget Kawasaki ZX-25R comes in race-spec too that essentially gets power close to 46 PS. The custom ZX-25R is also been tested on the Sentul International Race Track in Indonesia.

However, in the video, it’s not clear about the top speed as the video stops when the rider takes it to 153 km/h. 

It’s logical to predict if the standard model can clock 183 km/h we feel the Custom Edition may go a little above 183 km/h. However we keep this discussion open.



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