The Yamaha VMAX was born 35 years ago, and now Yamaha brings the latest 2020 edition with new paint dark paint scheme “Matte Raven Black.”

The new paint scheme does look ravishing, and everyone knows the VMAX does have an accelerating power.

Last, the VMAX amended in 2008, where we saw the second generation of VMAX that had a V4, 1679-cc liquid-cooled 16-valve engine. 


Performance and Price

From the consumer’s point of view, the price of VMAX that was $17,999 in 2008 is the same today. That gives an additional benefit for both Yamaha and consumers.

On the price front, we do see Yamaha has taken care of the most crucial factor, which is the price that generally goes high as we see technological innovations in the motorcycles.

From the technical point of view, VMAX is capable of pushing itself with 170hp. That’s much power stacked in it. It doesn’t have a six-speed gear transmission but has five-speed. 

Fuel tank comes with four gallons of capacity with a milage of 28mpg.

Featherweight chassis and cast aluminum main frame makes the package more robust.

Swingarm, too, is made up of cast aluminum. Please take a look at those handlebars, and they provide any rider a more comfortable stance for long hauls.

The design is subtle that again offers more comfort and is equally capable of holding the 1679cc engine.


LCD Speedo includes a clock, fuel meter, trip meter with fuel reserve trip meter, transmission gear position, coolant temperature, stopwatch, and more. 

Front brakes are dual 320mm wave-type discs; radial-mount 6-piston calipers, Brembo® radial-pump master cylinder and rear are 

298mm wave-type disc, single-piston caliper, and Brembo master cylinder.

To conclude the Yamaha offers a lot in the VMAX with the quintessential rider experience that everyone may want to enjoy.

Source : Yamaha

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