2020 Yamaha MT-25 and MT-03 with price, specifications, and more

 2020 Yamaha MT-25 and MT-03 with price, specifications, and more

February 2020 in the United States. We are not sure about Japan and India release but will be soon.

January 16, 2020: In Japan, around February

According to the dealer, it will appear in Japan around February.

It is a mystery whether it is an announcement or a release, but by the way, the YZF-R25 2020 model is announced in January and released in February. 

So is the MT-25 also a pattern released in January and released in February, or a pattern released in February and released in March? The release date looks good in February or March. That’s pretty fast.

Price of new 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03

MT-03 is $ 4,599 in the United States. A model without ABS.The US YZF-R3 (without ABS) costs $ 4,999, so the MT-25 is $ 400 cheaper. About 42,900 yen.

By the way, in Japan, the YZF-R25 was a new model, and the price is high by 32,400 yen.Since there is also an LED blinker, there is a possibility that the price may go high.

If we estimate the domestic price of the new MT-25 / MT-03 .

  • MT-03ABS: 665,500 yen
  • MT-25ABS: 632,500 yen
  • MT-25: 588,500 yen

It is tax-included. It is an amateur’s selfish expectation. Or is it 10,000 yen cheaper than Kore?

January 16, 2020: Prices rise

The retailer says that the price will go up. It’s all LED, and that’s right.

Regarding the price, we think it is close to the above-unfounded expectations.

New 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03 color lineup

2020 model MT-25 color lineup

Matt gray metallic black metallic blue

MT-03 color lineup for 2020 model

Ice Fluo Icon Blue Midnight Black MT-25 / MT-03 is the same color.

We think the same color will come to Japan.

Overall view of the new 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03

The front looks small but useful.

The figure of the new 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03

The eyes are the headlights that come out of the mouth in the position. LED projector type. Fashionable. After all, the design around the tank shroud feels terrific. The headlight unit looks different from the video MT-15. Compare between MT-15 and MT-25. Oh, it’s completely different.

Equipped with the new 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03

-LED headlight

 the beam is the headlight. Perfect face, soft tail lamp, LED blinker For some reason, MT is an excellent LED blinker.

The YZF-R25 is a valve. The top bridge made of cast aluminum is different from the current high deck. 

A steel handle switch to the type of handle switch is present. Meter The meter is probably the same as the YZF-R25 series. 

37mm inverted fork made by KYB This area is also the same as the YZF-R25. The setting of the revised rear shock rear suspension has changed. The YZF-R25 was like that. 

The capacity is the same, even for fuel tanks that are  reshaped. Even so, there is no significant change in the performance of the current model from the tank shroud. Lighting equipment is all LED. 

New 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03 specifications


  • Length: 2,090mm
  • Overall width: 755mm
  • Height: 1,071mm [ 1,070mm ]
  • Wheelbase: 1,380mm
  • Seat height: 780mm
  • Weight: 165kg (without ABS, Indonesia) [168kg (with ABS, UK)]
  • Fuel tank: 14L
  • Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
  • Engine: DOHC water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-valve
  • Displacement: 249cc [321]
  • Bore x stroke: 60.0mm x 44.1mm [68.0 x 44.1]
  • Compression ratio: 11.6: 1 [11.2: 1]
  • Gear: 6th speed
  • Horsepower: 26.5kw (36PS) / 12,000rpm
  • 30.9kw (42.0PS) / 10,750rpm
  • Torque: 23.6Nm / 10,000rpm
  • [29.6Nm / 9,000rpm]
  • Fuel efficiency: about 26.2km / L
  • Exhaust gas: [EURO4]
  • Front suspension: 37㎜ inverted
  •  Travel: 130mm
  • Rear suspension: Linkless monoshock
  •  Travel: 125mm
  • Caster: 25 °
  • Trail: 95mm
  • Front brake: 298mm / 2pot
  • Rear brake: 220mm / 1pot
  • Front tire: 110 / 70-17M / C (54S) [54H]
  • Rear tire: 140 / 70-17M / C (66S) [66H]

MT-25 is MT-25 without ABS. It is 1kg lighter than Japan’s current.MT-03 is 166kg without current ABS in Japan, but 168kg with new ABS. Is it 1kg lighter?

By the way, the above MT-25 is 26.5kw, but the current Indonesian specification is 26.5kw for the YZF-R25.So we think it will be 26kw to enter Japan. That’s the Japanese YZF-R25.

The torque comes to be 23Nm. 

Video of the new 2020 model MT-25 / MT-03

MT-03 Official 


Comparison between the old MT-25 in 2019 and the new MT-25 in 2020

Old / new

Engine specifications

As it is.  There is no change.


  • Full width: 745mm / 755mm
  • Height: 1,035mm / 1,070mm
  • Vehicle weight (MT-25): 166kg (without ABS Japan) / 165kg (without ABS Indonesia)
  • Vehicle weight (MT-03): 166kg (ABS without Japan) / 168kg (ABS with UK)

Electrical system

  • Headlight: Halogen / LED
  • Blinker: Bulb / LED
  • Meter change
  • Handle switches: normal / expensive


  • Front fork: 41mm upright / 37mm inverted
  • Rear shock: setting change
  • Top bridge: steel? / Aluminum
  • Fuel tank: shape change
  • Handle: raised
  • Seat: changed?


Old and new look GIF image diagonal

  • Wheel as it is
  • Brake system as it is
  • Radiator shroud change
  • Change mirror
  • Tires may change

New and old appearance comparison 

  • The handle became high
  • Wheel as it is
  • Tail cowl changed (same thing as YZF-R25)
  • Exhaust end change
  • Steps as they are
  • Rear fender as it is
  • Tail lamp
  • Under cowl change

New and old appearance comparison GIF front

The turn signal of the YZF-R25 was the same as the bulb, but the MT-25 became an LED. 

The end portion of exhaust is a change, and apparently, it became 1kg lighter, a minor change. It does look fresh from the front. You can also visit the exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show to check these bikes.

Source : Yamaha

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Julimer Yecla
Julimer Yecla
10 months ago

will this be available in the philippines?
we’re always left behind when it comes to best motorcycle designs…. a very sad truth

Akash Dolas
Reply to  Julimer Yecla
9 months ago

Well, need to check. Will get back to you on this.

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