Do we see Bautista struggling with his new Honda?

 Do we see Bautista struggling with his new Honda?

Everyone is aware that Honda has brought new bikes for Marquez in MotoGP and Bautista in WSBK. 

However, Bautista has not spent enough time with his new bike and, as of now, is seen struggling. 

Evident at the end of the Portimao Tests when he said to reporters, “Now it’s up to Honda to work in Japan to get me what I requested for Phillip Island.” 


He continued to say, “When you have to work on the development of a motorcycle, making substantial changes and collecting a lot of data, it means that you cannot yet push as hard as you would like. In Portimão we did everything we had to do.

We are looking for an excellent foundation to work on, and it is more complicated than I expected, but it is the work we need to do at this stage to provide our engineers with as much data as possible . 

He also said, “With Ducati, it was a different thing. We started to work on the V4 long before, and arrived in Australia with a greater knowledge of the bike. We were more ready.

This project instead started more or less only three months ago. It would still take two or three tests, and for this, the two days of tests at Phillip Island before the race weekend will be crucial, assuming that I get what I asked for after Portimao from Honda.” 


Talking about his struggle with the current blade, he said.

“Feeling. I am not yet familiar with the bike. In the December tests, excluding those of Portimao, which I did not take part in because my wife was giving birth to our daughter, and in those carried out a few weeks ago in Jerez, we worked a lot on the engine and the electronic part, obtaining good results. We didn’t do anything regarding the cycling part and the brakes “.

Well we will need to wait for the Phillip Island official tests scheduled on 24 to 25th February.

Pic Source : HRC

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