Till date Honda has filed multiple patents for its upcoming CBR250RR.

  • Smart key patent that was filed in May

  • New exhaust system patent that was filed in August and 

  • Oil pant patent to reduce the engine heat

The objective of this patent is to reduce the engine heat.Below is the summary of the patent.

The oil pan structure of the internal combustion engine according to the present invention is an oil pan structure of the internal combustion engine in which the interior of the oil pan (37) is partitioned into a plurality of chambers (38, 39) by partition walls (80). )

Is provided with a cooling fin (100) continuous from the inner surface side to the outer surface side. 

“Therefore, the thermal conductivity of the inner and outer surfaces of the oil pan 37 is enhanced while enhancing the reinforcing effect of the oil pan 37, and the cooling performance of the internal oil can be further enhanced.”

We expect to see the new Honda CBR250RR in the Tokyo Motor Show that starts by end of October 2019 but there is no official news as yet. In EICMA 2019 we wont be able to see as this model wont be sold in Europe.

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