For the last couple of years, Harley is trying to see what it takes to change their perception and attract new buyers.

Let’s take a look at what Harley is trying to do.

  • Lower displacement 338cc bike: While every manufacturer is trying to win the pie in the smaller displacement bikes.Harley doesn’t want to stay behind in the game.

    We also get to know that this 338 cc Harley motorcycle will be released in the Chinese market first in June 2020.And then it will increase to other Asian markets.

    Technical details are not yet available, whether it will be V Twin or parallel twin or single cylinder. That remains a question. However, Benelli does have Leonico 302 para twin based on this platform.

    We expect Harley 338 to arrive. In India, the Harley 338 arrives by the end of 2020. We also see new models from Benelli set to come soon, and they include. The new TRK800 ADV,600N, and 600RR model with a mix of both faired and naked variants.

  • Electric Scooter: Concept Teased in Jan 2019, the Harley electric concept. Out of two, one of the ideas was the electric Scooter concept.

    The objective of these lightweight electric ideas is for an urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the aim of no bike permit required to work.

    It may get both component removable, single-hand-convey battery packs, and a style grounded in H-D plan theories. These ideas consider the everyday practice and are rad.

    They reconsider the urban drive and make rough terrain encounters open – opening the city simultaneously.

More details

  • Screamin Eagle 131 engine: The new engine fits Harley’s 2017 Touring models equipped with Milwaukee Eight engines.

    It is not suitable for the trike. It is a bolt on to compatible models (additional parts are required depending on the model).ECM (ECU) calibration is also required separately.

    Design to obtain acceleration that can instantly overtake from the cruising speed (when the throttle gets open in high-speed range) — based on the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with a 4.5-inch stroke intact, combined with a 4.31-inch bore cylinder for 131.
  • Patent for the new engine : The copyright arrived in February 2018. A license does the omit the usage of the traditional rod and rocker platform that Harley uses in 114 cubic inch engine.

    However, Harley has introduced a 
    jumper that connects the two-way valves with a single rocker to operate them this will allow the get red zone high from 5,500 rpm to 6,800 and 7000 revs to increase the speed.

    Now the position of the rods doesn’t remain the same, and they too change as in the earlier case they were both on the right side of the engine now you will be able to see one on the right and other on the left.



2019 Annual Report

However, the above doesn’t go well with their annual report.

Harley-Davidson has announced 2019 global sales results. The total sales volume is 218,273. The year-on-year decrease was 4.3%, still lower than the previous year’s results.

For Harley Davidson, the United States remains the largest market in the world. However, it will be 125,960 units in 2019 and will continue to fall by 5.2% from the previous year.

Following the United States are Europe and Middle East Africa. In 2019, it was only 44,086 units, down 5.4% from the previous year, which turned negative.

Asia-Pacific sold 29,513 units in 2019. It recovers by 2.7% from the previous year. Of these, Japan sold 8,790 units, which maintained the top position in imported motorcycles but continued to be down 1.6% year-on-year.

South America fell 3.9% year-on-year to 9,768 units. Canada continued to fall, down 7.7% year-on-year to 8,946 units.

Source : Harley Davidson

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