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Yamaha India shows a healthy 54% growth in January 2021

Last year the Covid-19 was more rampant compared to today. And we see a positive vibe among the Indian Motorcycle manufacturers as they make there sales figures public. Let’s take a look at the figures of Yamaha Motor India. Yamaha India has sold 55,151 units in January 2021 as compared to 35,913 units sold during […]Read More

Harley’s 2019 annual report shows a decrease in sales

For the last couple of years, Harley is trying to see what it takes to change their perception and attract new buyers. Let’s take a look at what Harley is trying to do. Lower displacement 338cc bike: While every manufacturer is trying to win the pie in the smaller displacement bikes.Harley doesn’t want to stay […]Read More

Kawasaki Japan brings changes in its sales channels

Kawasaki Motors Japan announced a change in its sales channel for the new motorcycles that start coming in January 2020. Kawasaki Authorized Dealers now are authorized to sell motorcycle models from 400 cc ore less. Kawasaki will sell the higher displacements from 401cc via Kawasaki Plaza Network, which is one of Kawasaki’s regular dealers. The […]Read More

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