Yamaha India shows a healthy 54% growth in January 2021

 Yamaha India shows a healthy 54% growth in January 2021

Last year the Covid-19 was more rampant compared to today. And we see a positive vibe among the Indian Motorcycle manufacturers as they make there sales figures public.

Let’s take a look at the figures of Yamaha Motor India. Yamaha India has sold 55,151 units in January 2021 as compared to 35,913 units sold during January 2020.

Precisely a growth of 54 per cent, which we will say is good compared to last year and that too after the Covid havoc.

To increase the sales and demand in 2021, Yamaha made multiple changes in the strategy.

  • Like for example, for MT-15, they had introduced the ‘Customize Your Warrior‘ program. The program offers any Yamaha MT-15 BS6 fans personalisation on how the bike will effectively look by choosing body colour combined with its wheel colour.
  • Other than that Yamaha also has the virtual Yamaha Shop integrated with Amazon India. The virtual shop is responsible to cater to apparels and accessories.
  • Yamaha already has there BS6 lineup, and it involves the YZF-R15 3.0, FZ-FI, FZS FI 3.0 and MT-15. While in scooters they have Ray ZR Street and Ray ZR with Fascino in their lineup. While the FZS15 and FZ25 among 250cc motorcycles.


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Akash Dolas

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