Yamaha India has brought new customization ‘Customize your Warrior’ program for its new BS6 MT-15. 

The program offers personalization for any Yamaha MT-15 BS6 fan on how the bike will effectively look by choosing body colour in combination with its wheel colour.


To choose from, there are three body colours and four-wheel colours. You can choose these 12 combinations. These personalisations will be made as per orders from customers.

  • Dark Matt Blue
  • Metallic Black
  • Ice Fluo

Wheel colour 

  • Vermillion
  • Gold
  • Racing Blue
  • Neon Green

You can opt for any body colour in combination with the wheel colour. Yamaha India’s website offers this decision, and you can make it here.

The price of any combination remains the same. However, different states in India will have separate price tags. The program starts with the purchase until the launch date.

From January 2021 Yamaha will start the deliveries of customised MT-15. The price of this customized MT-15 starts from Rs 1,43,900 ex-showroom price (Delhi).

Talking about the features of new BS6 Yamaha MT-15.


The 155 cc, LC 4V liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve motor makes 13.6kW(18.5PS)/10000r/min and13.9N.m(1.4kgf.m)/8500r/min

The triangular Deltabox frame is meant to provide superb balance.

The VVA ensures Torque at lower RPMs. The two intake valve cams for high and low RPMs switch between each other at 7,400rpm to provide consistent torque during this rev range.

Assist, and slipper clutch helps the rider to ride the bike without less fatigue. It also prevents excessive engine braking, thus reducing it’s effects on chassis behavior.

Single Channel ABS with 282(front) and 220mm(rear) disc brake offers stability to the bike.Without any wheel lockups and skidding even in slippery conditions.

The 140mm rear tire offers better grip during slippery conditions.

With the In-built side stand engine cut-off switch, you can be rest assured to be safe in those immediate bike rides.

The grab bar is the perfect companion to the pillion plus a wider seat offers a comfortable sitting position. The seat height is 810mm.

The twin Alien LED headlight provides a unique and stylish look to the compact package.

Same goes with the raised LED rear light which is compact and gets more attention.

The negative colour LCD dash displays vital information.

Yamaha MT-15 arrives in standard three colours, and they are

  • Metallic Black
  • Dark Matt Blue and
  • Ice Fluo-Vermillion


To personalize more, Yamaha offers multiple accessories for this bike like the tank pad, LED blinkers, seat cover, mobile holder, USB charger, skid plate and more.






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