Honda India brings the Dio in Repsol colours

 Honda India brings the Dio in Repsol colours

The Honda Repsol Dio edition has arrived with MotoGP Respol colours. While the performance specs remain similar to the standard Dio, we see changes in the graphics.

The Dio gets multiple features like.


The 109.51 cc, fan Cooled, 4 stroke, SI engine motor makes 5.71 kW (7.6hp) at 8000 rpm and 9 Nm at 4750 rpm torque. With 47.0 mm * 63.1 mm Bore*Stroke further, the Dio also come with silent start responsible for removing the gear meshing noise.

Moreover, the presence of Enhanced Smart Power Technology reduces friction and improves combustion delivering class-leading performance and mileage.

PGM-Fi fuel injection adjusts the air/fuel mixture, as per the ride mode and conditions allowing complete combustion.


The LED headlight position at the centre offers greater visibility and has a stylish look. The blinkers also look like they come integrated with LED. However, they are not but offers great aesthetics to the front.

The Repsol Honda Dio arrives with the full digital meter responsible for displaying significant crucial data like the km/h, time, fuel indicator and more.

What more the MotoGP HRC racing graphics add more value to the entire package.

The compact muffler now comes protected, and the black colour exhaust goes very well with the bright orange HRC colour on the rear rim.

One compact console ensures the convenience of operating ignition, handle lock, seat lock & external fuel lid.

Further the Repsol edition Dio has the pass switch.

More crucial is the engine start and stop switch, which allows you to start and stop the engine with just a push.

The left front comes with the storage space, which helps you to stack the essentials like the glares or bottle.

To keep your essentials, it also has a massive space underneath the seat.

With 5.3litre fuel tank, the fuel storage is located outside and not under the seat.

When in need the stylish split grab rail offers help to pillion.

Suspension and Brakes

The front is telescopic suspension while the rear is 3-Step adjustable spring-loaded hydraulic with (Front)Drum 130 mm and (Rear)Drum 130 mm brakes.

The revolutionary system is responsible for cut off the engine when the side stand is on engage mode.


The Repsol Dio edition costs Rs 2,500 more compared to the standard version with Rs.67,820 ex-showroom Delhi.








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