In our last post, we did say Yamaha wants to unleash the new MT-07.

And Yamaha Motor USA has published a short video 24 seconds video which talks about three main possibilities. 

Well, the first is the new MT-07. Now do close your eyes as we reveal the second and third and they are MT-09 or going further MT-10.





So which one is it?

Now the speculation in media is rife and talks about the cool MT-09 which Yamaha is looking to launch in the coming year.

In the 24 second video, we could see the headlight of MT-07 protruding from the dark graphics in this video.

The reason why media is so emphatic about saying it is the upcoming MT-09 as there are documents provided to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

And then suddenly the video went viral across the internet which on the lines of these documents say it is MT-09.

However, motorcycle enthusiasts still have questions about which model Yamaha is trying to bring in 2021.

Under the Hyper Naked range. Yamaha already has models such as

Current Hypernaked range

  • MT-125: Darkness is the next level
  • 03: Dark lightning
  • 07: Dark attraction
  • 09: Eyes of darkness
  • 09 SP: Challenge the darkness
  • MT-10: Ray of Darkness
  • 10 Tourer Edition: Journey through darkness and
  • SP 10: Speed of Darkness.


However, as per the sources it is MT-09 which is bound to come with a new motor. We also see the displacement going up from 847cc to 890cc engine.

And it also gives rise to the question. Will there be a rise in power?

Yes, of course, the new 890cc motor will effectively calibrate 120 hp.

The current Yamaha MT-09 makes the illustrious 115 hp @ 10000 rpm. Potentially it means with the introduction of new motor additionally five horses will get tied to the new engine.

Going further Yamaha fans did like the caption and hashtag #DarkSideofJapan #HyperNaked.

Interestingly both the XSR900 and Tracer 900 share the same 847cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder; 12 valves motor as the current MT-09 and generates the same power 115 hp.

So Yamaha cannot loan the motor from these two models. But can put the new 890cc block in XSR900 and Tracer 900. Interesting right?

Now we sit back and wait for Yamaha’s announcement, will it be an MT-09? Or Yamaha is still playing?

Yamaha’s teaser video

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