Is Yamaha India bringing back the FZX750?

Is Yamaha India bringing back the FZX750?

A new motorcycle name FZ-X is registered in India by Yamaha. Yamaha India already has six FZ models: FZS 25, FZ 25, FZS-FI, FZS-FI Dark Knight, FZS-FI Vintage, and FZ-FI.

Two possibilitiesĀ 

So there two things to ponder.

  1. Yamaha India already has six new models so do they have to register the FZ-X name? Or they want to extend FZ series which comes under point no 2.
  2. Or Is Yamaha planning to bring back the FZX700 or FZX750 version?

We take a look at these two sides of the coin. One is Yamaha trying to extend the FZ series. One advantage is that Yamaha doesn’t have to spend on marketing and doesn’t have to start a different brand under Yamaha from scratch.

Even if there is a new brand under the leading brand to create the sub-brand, much investment is required.

Extension of FZ series

So Yamaha may extend the FZ series.

The second point in continuation with the first is Yamaha trying to bring back the FZX750.

Remember the FZX750, which also had various names like the FZX700 or FZX700S Fazer (US). Both these bikes had a typical cruiser cafe racer style.

FZX750 was the motorcycle made by Yamaha from the early 1980s to mid-1990s. And in the US came with the nameĀ FZX700 Fazer.


The FZX700 hadĀ 698 ccĀ while the FZX750 hadĀ 749 cc,four-stroke DOHC five-valve, four-cylinder inline engine.Ā 

The FZX700 madeĀ 85 hp (63 kW) @ 9500 rpm 65 hp (48 kW) (rear wheel)Ā while theĀ FZX750Ā madeĀ 94 hp (68.5 kW) @ 9500 rpm and 76.5 Nm / 56.4 lb-ft @ 8000 rpm torque.

While the FZX700 was capable of makingĀ 130ā€“137 mph (209ā€“220 km/h)Ā its slightly older variant the FZX750 madeĀ 137.9 mph (222 km/h ).

The FZ750 had a sizeableĀ 13-litre fuelĀ tank. The bike came studded with chrome much more than expected.

With its trademark square shape headlight, the bike had long telescopic front forks withĀ 140mm wheel travel.

Considering the superbike portfolio of Yamaha India’s we only see two models YZF R1 and the 2020 MT-09.

Yamaha India super portfolio

It is wise to create a new platform to bridge the gap. Plus motorcycle manufacturers like Triumph has already resurrected theĀ Trident 660Ā and Honda has brought theĀ CB350Ā under the name H’ness in India.

And let’s not forget we will also get to see theĀ Scrambler version of the new Honda CB350.


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1 year ago

When will this Fzx 750 bike release in India.

Akash Dolas
Reply to  K.Gowtham
1 year ago

FZX 750 is something we are currently not sure when Yamaha will bring.
However, Yamaha has filed a trademark for smaller displacement FZX.
At the same, to increase its portfolio and if things go well Yamaha may also think of bringing the FZX750 to India.

Howard young
Howard young
10 months ago

FZX 750. Love it

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