Juggernaut called as “Royal Enfield”

Juggernaut called as “Royal Enfield”

History of Royal Enfield

The unique figure who is recognized as the father of royal Enfield is none but George Townsend.it all began with the business of manufacturing sewing needles. A couple of years later, his own son who coincidentally was also called George, began manufacturing parts of motorcycles such as forks. Later on, under the name Townsend and Ecossais, bikes began to be sold but this did not last very long due to financial crisis.

Robert Walker and Albert Eadie were later handpicked to carry on with the business which found it’s named being changed to Eadie Manufacturing Company Limited as it was later on incorporated. This company again suffered another acquisition by the Birmingham Small Arms Company as it experienced a serious loss in sales. A couple of years later, the business boomed and it is there that Raleigh got to buy the cycle interests of the Birmingham Small Arms Company meanwhile Eadie maintained its identity.


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Albert Eadie

Buying Right Motorcycle

Eadie then got to supply precision parts to the government’s Royal Small Arms Factory which was located in Enfield. Later followed by a couple of incorporation’s, Enfield got into the motorcycle business. In 1955, thanks to a partnership with Madras Motors, we now have the Royal Enfield, India.

Different Types of Enfield Bikes

With royal Enfield being later on acquired by Eicher Motors in 1994, it was there the renaissance of this great company actually begun. The company still happens to make the classic motorcycles which in reality are just a new or better still, a modern version of the Bullet models which date as far back as 1950. We may see these classic bikes as those that contributed to the success story of the Royal Enfield but there are also those models made by Royal Enfield which did not gain as much recognition. One of models is the Continental GT.

Why motorcycle gear is important?

When taking a detailed look at the motorcycles produced by the Royal Enfield, we generally have these various classes of bikes; Classic, Electra, Continental GT, Thunderbird, Himalayan and the Bullet. The Thunderbird, Classic and bullet have two versions which are powered by either 500cc or 350cc engines.

  • Royal Enfield Bullet
    Most suited for people with a City Thumper personality, it is mostly ridden on tarmac roads full of potholes, this happens to be the oldest of the Royal Enfield Family. It is most adored by those who have had to use 2-strokes especially with the Yezdi and the RD. It is powered by either 350 or 500cc engines.It is powered by a 350cc and 500cc engine and has the real feel about it.
  • Royal Enfield Classic
    The right personality for this bike the normal city riders who get to hit the highway once in a while. It is most suited for Tarmac terrains. This classic is the “modern bullet”. It’s got colors such as the Desert Storm, Battle Green, Squadron Blue and not forgetting the old chrome.
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird
    “The Wolfpack” happen to be the best personality suited for this bike meanwhile the best road suited for this bike are highways that give way to the horizon in sunset. It is a perfect blend of the cruiser and bullet. It is the best partner to have on a long-distance ride.Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (coming soon). It is most suited for people with “guru” personality and to be used on roads with no tarmac nor bumps. It is a twin cylinder which can be powered by a 650 cc engine. With colors such as red and yellow, the bike is so conspicuous.
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
    This bike is best for the unorthodox Royal Enfielders and explorers given that it can ride literally everywhere you want to go.It is the most recent of the royal Enfield family. Though the design is somewhat strange, it is quite practical too. With a 411 cc one cylinder engine which delivers a power of about 23 Bhp and a light body weight, this bike is just the ideal for difficult riding areas. It comes with a pannier for luggage.
  • Go Custom
    Customized Royal Enfield.
  • Cast Iron Royal Enfield
    A modernized classic

Business of Royal Enfield

When it comes to the pricing policy, we have to begin by acknowledging the fact that Royal Enfield happens to be one of the oldest in this business of motorcycles and this explains why their customers or passionate bikers will not hesitate a second to purchase the branded bikes with the high pricing policy. The reason why the company still prevails till date despite this is because of the belief that the price is worth the quality.

Royal Enfield is also known to have adopted various pricing policies that will help market their bikes too. These pricing policies include ad campaigns to be viewed on all social media platforms as well as TV, newspapers and billboards.

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Pic Credits : Myroyalenfields.Blogspot

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