Kawasaki Lime Green color

History of Kawasaki’s lime green color goes back in 1968 when it was struggling to create its image in growing US Market.Thats when president of Kawasaki George Hamawaki asked their Sales and Marketing Manager to come up with something distinct to improve the brand image.Molly Sanders one of the custom painter came up with this color and convinced Kawasaki leadership that “ its unique,its distinctive, it stands out any place on race track, and its not likely to be confused with any other color and most of all its new,its never been seen before. It creates an exclusive Kawasaki color “. Well rest is history.

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Lime Green Color


However now Kawasaki is trying to adopt different colors for their bikes like Ninja 650 comes in Candy Blue color.Z650 in Italy comes in greyish green in color.

 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review.

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