E-Boost trademark

Kawasaki has filed a trademark application for the term E-Boost. The latest Kawasaki electric motorcycle is called the E-boost and will arrive in future.

When it comes to Kawasaki, we expect greatness. Each new motorcycle the company releases seems to be better than its predecessor.

From the ZX-Rs of the 90s to the world championship-winning ZX-10R, Kawasaki brings a level of performance and style that’s second to none. The same goes for the company’s newest creation, E-Boost.


Electric power

We are told the brand name Kawasaki has given is E-boost and pronounced the same way as the word “e-boost,” which means to add electric power to boost an electric car.

We understand Kawasaki will use a 100 per cent electric motor from the reports. Which will strengthen with lithium-ion batteries.

And it could ultimately tip the motorcycle market over and change how riders view Kawasaki as a brand. The company could capitalize on this for marketing or future sales.

So, imagine if Kawasaki came out with a new motorbike that had an electric power-assisted boost, giving you a push on the start or hills. How does that sound?

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