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After dominating the press for almost a year, the Kawasaki H2R has long been considered Kawasaki’s halo model. While it certainly has its place as a showpiece and proof of technological mojo, it also carries an attractive sticker price prohibitively to all but the wealthiest riders. 

On the flip side, many motorcycle manufacturers have been losing sales in the “entry-level” category, particularly in North America and Europe. 

Kawasaki recently unveiled the Kawasaki ZX-25R, a smaller displacement model that could help shore up this part of the market for the manufacturer. There are currently no plans to place it outside Asian markets, but rumours of a Kawasaki ZX-4R have long been swirling.


ninja-zx4r -2022-1

The stage

Kawasaki set the stage to release their anticipated ZX-4R supersport model during their 2023 product preview. The new bike is impressive and will undoubtedly be a massive success in what has come to be expected from this storied rider-oriented company.

Japanese media have widely reported the rumoured launch of the new Kawasaki ZX-4R. According to the patent license, it is a 400cc inline-four cylinder engine, which will undoubtedly be an upgrade compared to the current 300cc. 

The front fairing is also inspired by the ZX10R, while the power will almost certainly be less than 80 horsepower. We see this is undoubtedly a step up from Kawasaki’s current offerings, and we can’t wait to see it in person.

The rumour started in November 2019. It seems the time of the year has come again. The pics and rumours of the next generation ZX-4R have been making rounds around the web, so we felt obligated to talk a bit about it. 

However, most importantly, Kawasaki tried to bring the ZX-4R and then cancelled it.

And now

The model is expected to arrive as a sportbike equipped with an inline-four,400cc engine with a 16 valve DOHC cylinder head. 

Undoubtedly, an inline-four engine will have low vibration and noise. And high torque in this all-new sports bike.

But until now, there has been little information about the bike’s release date. Apart from the rumours, it will arrive in 2023.

The Japanese magazine Young Machine shows that the all-new Ninja ZX-4R will have a more “Japanesque” look. By the way, the body and ZX fit with other sports motorcycles of this kind in size and lines. 

However, the rumours are vital as the ZX-4R powerplant will be identical to the ZX-25R.

It will have the built-in air intake duct integrated with the fairing. Well, the benefit of the air that surrounds the radiator goes directly to the motor.

Electronic package

Additionally, this allows cooling the powerplant better without enlarging the radiator’s size.

Further, we also see that the electronic package will arrive from the ZX-25R. And it consists of the freewheel, rear horizontal backlink suspension, and front suspension, and you can adjust it to 3 levels. 

It will also have Kawasaki traction control, slipper, ABS, quick shifter, modes, and assist clutch.

However, many insiders say the release date of the all-new Ninja ZX-4R would probably be in October or November of this year. 

The information on the all-new Ninja ZX-4R comes rumoured. And there are already changes to be seen on it. 

If we understand, most of these can improve performance and change significantly.

Kawasaki has not yet announced the official name of the new Machine. Early rumours pointed out that this Machine would be called “Ninja 400 RR”. However, we believe it will be ZX-4R.

However, the rumours of Kawasaki bringing at EICMA 2021 failed, and now we see a new date. Let us see how Kawasaki plans to end this speculation.

via Young Machine and Motorida

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