Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki Ninja 650 is a bike great in its way. Recently it is revise with many changes. This Kawasaki’s brand is more user-friendly, versatile and stylish than ever. This brand has more to it than just a change of name replacing the old popular ER-6f and it has also come a long way since its original 2006 entry-level as a middleweight motorcycle.

As such, Kawasaki has used time, emissions regulations and styling preferences changes to set out an update venerable 650 platforms, which makes the Ninja 650’s bodywork awesome and better. Ninja 650 gets an additional style, its lighter, has nimbler chassis, a more flexible and friendly engine and an adjustable windscreen making it more versatile and very classic too.

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The Ninja 650 features are a host of much-needed revision based on proper Ninja styling and engineering concepts. The bikes ergonomics are revised and it has a much sportier ZX-10R inspired front fairing, a trellis-style frame, a new gull-arm swing arm and an updated engine. This package loses a massive 42 pounds, which makes it very impressive. The seat and foot pegs are lower; the foot pegs are a little further forward for a little band and the handlebar is almost narrower. The revised steering geometry and lighter wheels make it a lively handling package.


Ninja 650’s package has a lower seat and its bars, which are positioned slightly, more forward, puts you in a more comfortable riding position. The steering is light and the bike feels easy to steer into a corner. In addition, it has an improved engine performance. This engine is a 649cc liquid-cooled parallel twin. It has a combination of new cam profiles, new exhaust and smaller 36mm throttle bodies, a smoother, more powerful and precise throttle response. The torque has a broader curve, which helps with stronger corner exits and increased roll-on capabilities when needed. Some of its accessories include a 30-litre top case, tank pad, seat cowl, radiator guard and frame sliders and a steel tank that accommodates a magnetic tank bag.

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The Kawasaki Ninja 650 gives you the ability to cruise along quite comfortably at 65 to 70 mph/ 5500rpm in the sixth gear. With this, you relish the added power and a smoother throttle response. The new assist and slipper-style clutch is an addition, which makes upshifting easy and smoother corner entry. The new two Nissin calipers and 300 mm wave rotors up front provide good stopping power. These two-piston Nissin front calipers squeeze 300mm petal discs. While the one-piston rear caliper is spongy. This also offers a decent feel at the lever.  The new lighter more responsive Bosch 9.1M ABS is optional. There is not much interruption in the lever control. Hence braking is just a nice smooth application of the full braking power. 

The new dash has an analog-style needle tach with a digital MPH readout and which beautifies the more modern look. In addition, an adjustable shift light sequence is integrated into the tachometer needle with a three-stage adjustable color sequence indication. You also have a gear position indicator and readouts for coolant temperature, clock fuel consumption and mileage.

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 on most of all surfaces and at most of all speeds remains composed enabling you to ride with confidence and control. The Ninja 650 has a 41mm fork with 4.9inches travel that is not adjustable whereas the rear shock is adjustable for preload only. The lighter five-spoke wheels are new and make the suspension to work much easier.  Its horizontal back-link rear suspension makes a greats difference in its overall response and gives riders comfort by providing progressive damping to prevent bottoming. This bike feels compact and light and it delivers a respectable level of performance. This small light bike is approachable and unintimidating. 

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The Ninja 650 is a no nonsense motorcycle that comes in three versions non-ABS, ABS and ABS KRT editions with prices ranging from INR 6 Lakhs. Bike is easy going, reasonably priced and has an outstanding performance than ever reminding one of its Ninja roots which can be exploited by every level and type of motorcycle fanatic. It is also a perfect package for one who does not want class-leading horsepower, sophisticated electronic or high-dollar components but still wants a fully faired sport bike.

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