Kawasaki to go Eco-Friendly and bring Zero-Emissions vehicles by 2035

 Kawasaki to go Eco-Friendly and bring Zero-Emissions vehicles by 2035

It is a significant announcement since it’s the first company to give a precise target date for producing electrified motorcycles in 2035. 

Kawasaki is optimistic about electric bikes. It says it’s crucial to start selling those as soon as possible because of the government’s stringent policies.Such as the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Financial Sustainability Improvement Law.

That’s why Kawasaki dropped a hint that there was more to discuss during this meeting. It might have dropped a hint, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t come right out and say what its plans are going forward. 

If you ignore that this “hint” could be a coincidence. You can look at Kawasaki’s past to forecast what it will say during this meeting.

And it’s not like the company hasn’t talked about the subject before. Over multiple interviews, Kawasaki has repeatedly mentioned its goal of providing an all-electric lineup by 2035. 

10 different hybrid-powered vehicles by 2025

From Bloomberg to Business Insider, Kawasaki has indicated that it wants to market electric motorcycles by 2035. It is something that isn’t news that Kawasaki just made up.

As the world’s biggest maker of motorcycles. Kawasaki is a good bellwether for how the rest of the motorcycle industry will fare in the future. 

And, if it follows its guidance, Kawasaki believes that 2035 will be a very different place from today. In the past, Kawasaki set a goal of having ten other electric and hybrid-powered vehicles by 2025.

But, in the meantime, Kawasaki is keen to exploit another form of green motoring in one of its leading motorcycle brands. 


Kawasaki believes an electrified version of every model in its range is possible within the next decade or soon.  “We are looking at having fully electric versions of our motorcycles”.

Further, Kawasaki Heavy Industries president Yasuhiko Hashimoto said.

“For motorcycle users, the experience of engine sound and the vibration is significant. We want to keep the fun of such motorcycles and respond to the carbon-neutral era.

via Asahi, Nikkei Asia and Kawasaki

Cover Photo by Hirofumi Yamanaka

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