Japan’s first motorcycle company has committed itself to become carbon neutral across the entire life cycle of its products by 2050.A very ambitious initiative, no matter how you look at it. 

Yamaha believes in rapid growth in demand for bikes and its need to branch out into other future markets like marine power generation. 

And even aviation means that it is time for the company to take real responsibility for the direct result. 


All sectors are being approached separately, and the results measured from each industry can be found below.

The journey to carbon neutrality will not be easy. It will take time and effort from the entire organization, but what Yamaha has learned is possible.

If you refer to Yamaha’s Integrated Report 2021, the most significant emissions are its boat, other engines and motorcycles.

And to reach the objective.Yamaha will continue to produce electrical products like e-bikes, electric motorcycles and scooters.

Unlike Tricity 300 and Niken, LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel technology).Yamaha plans to bring the tech in more vehicles. And yes, many of those will be electric; however, Yamaha has not provided any information yet.

Further, Yamaha also looks forward to expand the e-bike segments across the globe.

via Yamaha


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