KTM brings their new range of 2022 offroad EXC lineup

With the 2022 EXC line-up, KTM reconfirms its status as the provider of the most comprehensive and exciting set of offroad bikes on the market. 

Whether riders are searching for a peerless motorcycle to ace any terrain or equipment to find those extra race seconds. There is no reason to think anything but ‘orange’. 

The key to this bar-setting versatility is the high standards. And quality injected through the updated 2022 KTM EXC range.


Offroad bikes

Across the new line-up, there are two key upgrades to boost performance. 

All new models receive updated WP suspension settings to offer a firmer and even more planted feel while riding across the gnarliest terrain. 

The second essential upgrade is the addition of new MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires. 

After extensive testing, the new tire combo showed improved durability and puncture resistance. And will provide even comfort for extended hours across various surfaces.

Innovative Transfer Port Injection (TPI) engineering means KTM EXC 2-Strokes perfectly meets the increased demands of the modern offroad rider. 

The three motor capacities guarantee the best horsepower and torque capabilities to suit the rider’s preferences. 

With the KTM 300 EXC, TPI being the flagship model to satisfy any Hard Enduro ambition. The 2022 KTM 250 EXC TPI has come under the R&D microscope featuring revised 13:52 gearing. 

This modification will help the quarter-litre in terms of traction and front end lift on the most technical sections.

The 4-Strokes KTM EXC-F models talk the torque as dependable, reliable, accessible and thrilling fuel-injected machinery. 

For several years, the symbiosis of 250 handlings. And 450 power characteristics have positioned the KTM 350 EXC-F as the definitive offroader, and the crown remains steadfastly in place. 

With the now firmer, sportier settings on their WP fork and rear shock, all-new KTM EXC-F models come with improved high-speed performance.

Ready to Race

KTM’s READY TO RACE mantra is a vital development pathway. And the endeavours of racers like Manuel Lettenbichler and Josep Garcia help sculpt the KTM EXC models that make it into the hands of riders worldwide. 

For 2022, KTM has visually emphasised competition even further by incorporating blue colours and the blue seat. The graphics and race plastics ensure that any KTM EXC will not be missed right at the front of the pack.

Inherently involved with the top-level offroad competition for decades. KTM reaffirms its support to the massively popular amongst racers FIM International Six Days Enduro to release the complete line-up of revamped 2022 KTM EXC SIX DAYS models.

 For 2022, KTM designers have gone bold with introducing a striking new colourway that perfectly mixes elements of a modern world map with a head-turning retro style.

 Featuring a long list of race-inspired parts as standard. The 2022 KTM EXC SIX DAYS models are ready to take on the gruelling week-long event out of their crate.

2022 KTM EXC – Key Range Upgrades

  • Revised WP suspension settings for a firmer & more responsive feel
  • Improved oil circulation in the suspension for more consistent feedback
  • New MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires for unmatched grip in all terrains
  • New 13:52 gearing giving the KTM 250 EXC TPI added bottom end punch
  • Head-turning 2022 colours inspired by the Factory bikes
  • Bold design & retro shades for the revamped KTM EXC SIX DAYS line-up


Joachim Sauer – KTM Product Manager: “It gives us great pride to know that our KTM EXC models can once again supply any offroad rider with the excitement and the performance they need. 

In their updated trims, these bikes are technical masterpieces, and there is something to suit every rider across the globe.

For 2022, with the new WP suspension settings, we are offering the bikes a more firm and even more consistent feel. Matched with the new MAXXIS tires, these are two key upgrades that elevate the overall offroad performance. 

Our design team has stepped up with their work for this year, and the bikes look precisely like what they are supposed to be: winners in all conditions.”

The 2022 KTM EXC models will be available in authorised KTM dealers starting May 2021.

via KTM

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