KTM ‘ Scalpel ‘ concept by Sreejith took the motorcycle community by storm.

The ‘Scalpel’ is a cafe racer concept that looks aggressive and takes inspiration from a small weapon called “Katar”.

The idea of not jumping to a conclusion is something we like about Sreejith and his work.


However, there is a definite study that goes behind these concepts that he builds and he makes sure all the gaps are filled.

Let’s take an example of the latest KTM cruiser concept. Well, the most important thing is KTM doesn’t have a cruiser in its lineup and we feel this was Sreejith’s initial thought before he even made a start.

“Oh well, why don’t I add cruiser in its lineup? Interesting and intelligent as well”.

Now we understand it may not be the first cruiser concept for KTM however there is an attempt being made to convince KTM.

And that attempt looks to be quite influential. The aesthetic details go very well with the KTM DNA whether it is paint scheme or front headlamp.

The lines are sharp. Design is beefy and two razor-sharp exhaust pipes go well with the entire structure. Presence of the quintessential thin frame.

We feel everything is in the right place. All KTM has to do is bring it in production.

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