KTM “Scalpel” Concept

 KTM “Scalpel” Concept

The world-renowned Austrian KTM motorcycle brand has few aggressive bikes in there stable.One being KTM 790 that comes with razor-sharp looks and 799 cc liquid-cooled eight-valve DOHC engine churn 105 bhp on the power scale.

Well not bad. We haven’t seen many Cafe Racer concepts when it comes to KTM. However now what we see is a Cafe Racer concept dubbed as “Scalpel” designed by Krishnan Kunjappan. 

The concept looks aggressive and takes inspiration from a small weapon called “Katar”. The lines are sharp and one would never expect that the output will be excellent given the fact that it sheds its natural avatar of traditional KTM look and wears the Cafe Racer avatar.

Source: SKK Auto design

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