We all know Bezzi is an eloquent designer who provides his design services to almost all the manufacturers across the globe.

His designs are sharp, expressive and align with the brand with whom he works, that gives an accurate picture of what is expected in future.

Moto Morini Streetfighter 1200

Bezzi’s recent work includes the massive 1200cc Streetfighter for Moto Morini. We hope the production line gets this design inspired by both the old and new worlds.


Aprilia ADV

The 900cc Tuareg that again looks ballistic and aggressive is expected to share the 900cc Shiver platform capable of churning3hp.

Again we hope with reduced weight Aprilia can bring this ADV shortly.

CCM Tea Racer

Based in Lancashire, UK CCM (Clews Competition Machines) is a stylish motorcycle manufacturer renowned for its Spitfire series.

CCM was started in 1970 by Alan Clews. Clews never wanted his brand to manufacture motorcycles.

However, what we see now is a famous Spitfire series that arrives in multiple variants like Stealth Six, Stealth Bobber, and then inspired from Carl Fogarty are Stealth Foggy, Foggy S Edition Spitfire.

The bikes are handcrafted and come with 600cc engine.

The latest design from Oberdan Bezzi of CCM Cafe Racer dubbed as Tea Racer is made up of lightweight aluminium, with two pulled up exhaust pipes and on the upper side, we see brakes and suspension. 

As well as the design gets the spoked rims. Which you may notice is not a typical British style. However, Bezzi has tried to align with the British style.

What’s more interesting to see from the design is in case CCM wants to bring this in production it is going to be lightweight Cafe Racer that adds one more style to CCMs portfolio.

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