Last year this time we had an interview with Antonio Matarollo, Director of Mondial Moto (not to get confused with FB Mondial ) aspire to create V5 Superbikes that were planned to get 200 bhp plus power other plan was also to bring 250 bhp race version in production.

We had asked Antonio a couple of questions on what were his plans about these two superbikes V5R and V5S and we received his confident answers about the bikes being plan to release in 2020 with there intention in the future to enter World Superbike with a contracted established race team.

These two variants were to be in 1500 limited copies. We had also questioned him on how technically V5 is different compared to other bikes like twins, threes of fours and what are the challenges.


His reply ” The technical data is so different from the conventional engine specification. We have conducted a lot of research into the engineering design specs. It is important to make sure the design works before investing in prototypes due to the high cost, get it wrong and it’s a disaster “.

The website of the Mondial Moto in the current state is intact. However, now we see the date being pushed from 2020 to 2023 on the website to bring the bikes into production.

Plus they had started the crowdfunding in the form of 2,000 mini-bonds those are available at 500 pounds each and the end date was July 2019. Target is 1,000,000 Pounds with 66.67 percent equity. 

66.67 percent equity that effectively means that you own two-thirds of your asset, while the secured creditors own one-third. So technically speaking here let’s say if the value of your asset is dropped on a mortgage that you took on it.

Now if the asset is used to secure the personal debt it is a negative equity percentage indicates that even the creditors are liable to seize your asset as to fulfill the debt. This happens when you owe more than the worth of the asset.

Also, there is a factory tour that costs 150 Pounds that provides a chance to meet the production team and a full tour of the assembly line followed by dinner in their restaurant.

The question here is Where is Mondial Moto’s factory based ? or are They raising funds to build the factory? If that is the case then there may not be a factory tour that costs 150 Pounds. They also have an Investment application form as the opportunity provided to the investor from 10, 000 Pounds to 100,000,000 Pounds.

The Mondial Moto website has also published many job opportunities from Production Manager to Quality Controller.

Another vital question is Will Mondial Moto bring these superbikes in production in 2023?

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