Rumors are strong that Kawasaki’s W800 third model will come in 2020 as it is leak from our source.Kawasaki has filed a trademark of MEGURO in 12 categories. Class 12 is the name of the bike. 

Applications have been filed in the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. That’s why this retro W800 is probably named MEGURO. 

  • The new model is called W800D (EJ800D in the United States).
  • Current street is W800B (EJ800BK), CAFE is W800C (EJ800CK)
  • The size spec is the same as the old model W800
  • The car weighs 226 kg. The street weighs 221kg, and the CAFE weighs 223kg.
  • There is no change in the engine. Body seems to be the same
  • A more retro-looking model than the current W800
  • 19-inch front wheel, low handle, long fender model

Below are CARB documents for model name EJ800BK and EJ800CK filed in November 2018.


Documents of W800 of 2020 model filed in May 2019. As mentioned above, the value of the exhaust  remains as is. They are EJ800CL and EJ800DL.

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