Meet Ankit Gupta Stunt Freestyler

 Meet Ankit Gupta Stunt Freestyler

We captured Ankit’s 12 year journey as an Stunt Freestyler.He entered the motorcycle world at a very tender age.

Ankit currently is pursuing his Bachelors Degree of Commerce from Sinhagad College, Pune.
1.How did your journey started as a professional to perform stunts?

Ankit : I started performing stunts in very tender age. At the age of 10 I was already doing some basic stunts on bicycle and by the age of 12 I was performing some deadly stunts on bike. My interest increased and went to another level once I started performing in various colleges and in Ganpati festival. After doing my first professional shoot in a documentary I chased my dream and decided to take it up as a career.

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2.What are the challenges when you perform stunts?
  • Ankit : Challenges play an important role as it help us grow and mature in the field. Below is the list of few of the challenges i faced in this journey.
    No place to stunt as it is not a v.famous and popular games like cricket.
  • Financial issues and scarcity – as we have to do lot of modifications in bike to make it manageable and up to the personal controlling power and scarcity of spare parts.
  • As it is not recognized field ,it is really v.tough to make a career option in INDIA as people don’t value it.
  • No sponsors and financial support from any company.
3.Any mishap that had occurred while doing stunts? 

Ankit : By god’s grace nothing so far as i always perform stunts in proper riding and safety gears.

Ankit Gupta Stunt


4.How do you keep yourself fit?
Ankit : It is all because maintaining a healthy diet with addition of any physical activity on daily basis like Skipping,Cycling etc.
5. Bikes that you had performed stunts with?
Ankit : I own a Bajaj pulsar bike. However i have performed stunts on various bikes ranging from 100 CC to 1300 CC.
6.Advice that you would like to provide to people who would like to take this as an career.

Ankit : Be patient and determination is the key. Also, it is equally important to wear safety gears while practicing or performing. Performing/ Practicing on track is must and most important. Always have a tendency to teach and stay focused.

Pic Credits : Ankit Gupta
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